Monday, December 21, 2009

Here goes nothing...

I thought about starting a blog a couple of years ago but was working over 40 hours a week and felt that there wasn't enough time. Then I was going to do this seven and a half months ago when I was at home and eight months pregnant but found that I was too tired to even contemplate this thought. The next time I considered this was just after my daughter was born in June of this year but let's face it..between being a first time Mom, sleep deprivation and recovering from a c-section it wasn't going to happen then either! So, it is 12/21/2009 and when do I finally decide to get my act in gear and do this...4 days before Christmas!
(some might say that is "crazy" but I would tell you that I have 2 hours of free time on my hands and I am squeezing this in between dinner, bed-time and making mince pies...still to be done)

December has always been an insane time of year between shopping, baking and writing Christmas cards but this year, my husband and I found ourselves also taking professional family photos (at the mall..on Black Friday - not sure what I was thinking) as we had to have the first photo Christmas card sent out, attempting to start Christmas traditions, shopping at Toys R Us and trying to keep the "magic of Christmas" magical for our little ones first Christmas so it only makes complete sense that I decide to start this now. Yeah..right. :-)

Any woman who stays home with her child all day will tell you that being a stay at home Mom isn't luxurious and that if you keep putting things off...they will never happen so it is just best to go ahead and do them. They will also tell you that you will work harder, be more exhausted and potentially more forgetful (at least initially) during the first few months of being home with your new bundle of joy and that there will be times that you will wonder just exactly where the "joy" portion of this statement is supposed to be found. What you get to find out though is that with all of this comes something incredible which is that you are taking care of someone that you created and experiencing new and amazing things everyday that you otherwise would not be able to.

My attempt with this blog is to post my thoughts and experiences as someone who worked in corporate America for many years before having her first child and who now finds herself at home on a full-time basis. I no longer run to meetings or take conference calls, meet deadlines or land big accounts instead....I fill bottles, change diapers, visit Costco on a regular basis and find myself playing "peek-a-boo" more often than I realize. My life is very, very different than it was this time last year when I was just 4 months pregnant and waiting for our little one to arrive all the while day dreaming about what our first Christmas as a family would be like.

We still have 4 days to go before that actually happens and while some of the things that I wanted to ensure that we did, will get done...most probably won't and will have to be included in Christmas's to come (or perhaps next year!). With all of the joy though, there are some days where I do stop...take a look at my new reality and ache for my days in corporate America...which I now know is somewhat normal.

So, to all of you other new Mom's out there (or soon to be Mom's) I look forward to sharing some of what I hope are humorous stories with you of my experiences since being home, along with adventures yet to come. On that note, I hear someone calling for me over the monitor and better go....

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